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Resource Reveiw: Quizlet

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Among teachers and students alike, there is most likely no online tool as well-known and beloved as Quizlet! In fact, Quizlet was one of the very first tools I ever used in my own self-study. So, spoiler alert, I love this learning tool! You'd also be hard-pressed to find a dedicated student or teacher who didn't enjoy Quizlet.

For those unfamiliar with it, this application combines digital flash cards with innovative learning tools and games. The program runs on both on your desktop browser and on convenient mobile apps.

Two interfaces exist, one for teachers and one for students. Student accounts can be free or have a paid subscription, but teacher accounts must be paid for. Both teacher and premium student accounts have added features that make the price tag worthwhile (in my opinion, of course), but free accounts have all the features needed to make the learning experience beneficial to all parties.


Look at all these study options you have with Quizlet!

Pros of Quizlet:

  • Digital flash cards are in perfect harmony with learning games and activities; all edits made to your flash cards are integrated automatically to your games.

  • Extremely easy to use, even for those who aren't tech savvy!

  • Teachers and students are able to work together, and it is perfect for engaging students in a classroom setting.

  • Flashcards are printable!

  • You can generate quizzes to prepare for upcoming tests.

Cons of Quizlet:

  • Access to all features requires a small paid subscription.

  • You cannot use your own photos without the paid subscription.

  • Content isn’t Japanese specific, unlike other tools which offer courses designed by themselves.

  • If you’re a student (and your teacher doesn’t own an account) you must create all your own content or find another user’s content that will fit your needs.

Price of Subscription per Year:

I recommend the basic account for those just starting out and Quizlet Plus for serious learners. I think teachers will find the price tag to be worth it.

For Language Learners

If you’re teacher uses this already, then that’s fabulous! You have access to the full classroom experience that myself and my fellow self-studiers can only dream of.

If you are a self-studier who needs free tools, enjoy flash cards (but find the traditional cardstock ones to be a bit inconvenient), and want something that’s easy and fun, you can’t do much better than Quizlet!

You could, if you had such an ambition, use Quizlet as your sole language learning tool. It truly is that simple to use! There are plenty of users who share their extensive content, so you don’t have to make your own cards if you didn’t want to.

For Teachers

If a better online resource exists for language learning in a classroom setting, I have never seen it. One feature I would like to highlight (that's exclusive for teachers) is Quizlet Live. This in-class game groups students into groups and they answer questions on their electronic devices. Talk about a fun incentive for study!

Because you can see what users have high scores of users on the games for the flash card sets you make, you can assign your students to play the games for homework. Perhaps the student with the highest score could get some extra credit on their next exam!

Also available are quizzes. You can set all the parameters for the quiz - such as number of questions and types of questions. You can print these quizzes out. Vocab pop-quizzes can be made quick and easy this way!

So What's the Grade?

When taking all the pros and cons into consideration, I'd give Quizlet an A. It's simple to use, doesn't require a paid subscription, accessible both on mobile and desktop, and offers features beneficial to students and teachers! If you're looking for online resources for your studying, Quizlet is an excellent place to start!

How do you enjoy Quizlet? Do you have any advice for using it? Share it with us in the comments!


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