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Weekly Words no. 2: Mysteries

金曜日だ! うれしくていますよ!

Happy Friday, mina-san! I have been so busy lately with school and my midterm exams, I am so ready for a nice weekend and some relaxation.

One of the things I always look forward to on Fridays is a guiltily pleasure of mine. I absolutely love Buzzfeed's online series Unsolved. For as long as I can remember I have been watching ghost stories and true crime television.

In fact I was a bit mischievous about this as a child. When no one was around, I would watch Dateline and the Investigation Discovery channel. I definitely wasn't allowed to watch that kind of TV when I was that young.

Since the new episode of Unsolved is scheduled to release this evening, I have picked out Weekly Words about mysteries! Here they are:


• ミステリー Mystery

ex. そのミステリーはとても面白そうね。

Sono misuteri- wa totemo omoshirosou ne.

That mystery looks very interesting, doesn't it?

• ゴースト Ghost

ex. ゴーストが大嫌いよ! Go-suto ga daikirai yo! I hate ghosts!

• 殺人 Murder Written in hiragana as さつじん

ex. えぇ?彼女は殺人の容疑で逮捕されたの? Ee? Kanojo wa satsujin no yougi de taiho sareta no?

What? Was she arrested on murder charges?

• 被告 Accused Written in hiragana as ひこく

ex. 被告人も弁護士でした。

Hikokujin mo bengoshi deshita.

The accused was also a lawyer.

• こわい Scary, frightening Written in kanji as 怖い

ex. やだ!あの家が怖いだよ! Yada! Ano ie ga kowai da yo!

No way! That house is scary!


Will you be tuned into tonight's episode of Unsolved? Let me know what you think of it! (You can find the whole series here!)

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