Making Anki Cards, Let's Walkthrough it Together!

March 21, 2018

A little while ago, I did a Resource Reveiw on Anki.  You can read that blog post here.  I promised that I would make a basic tutorial on how to create Anki flashcard decks, so here it is!  I do not own a Macintosh, so this is a tutorial for Windows users.  The method should be similar if not the same on Macintosh. 



Step One


The first step is, of course, to download Anki onto your computer.  Visit Anki's homepage and click download.  There's instructions there on the download process.


Once you have Anki downloaded, open up the application.  The home screen will look like this (however it won't have the same cards I have here, since this is just my own personal collection).


Before we begin making the cards, we are going to add a plug-in.  You don't need any plug-ins to use Anki, but the plug-in I highly suggest you use will allow you to add audio to your cards.  In my opinion, hearing the words in Japanese is extremely helpful.




Step Two


In Anki, click on Tools, Add-ons, and then Browse & Install...


In the window that pops up, enter this code: 301952613  (this is the code for AwesomeTTS)  Click OK.


Once you have AwesomeTTS, perfect!  We're ready to begin the process of making cards!




Step Three


At the bottom of the screen, click on Create Deck.  A pop-up will appear asking what you to name the new deck.  Give it any name you like, you can always change it later.  I will be naming the one for this tutorial "Example."

Click on Add at the top of the screen, then this pop-up will appear.


Next to were it says Deck on the pop-up, click on the button that says Default.  Select the name of the deck you just created.  (Remember I named mine "Example.")  Now, click on the button that says Basic.  This window will open.


Click on Manage on this window.  On the next pop-up, click on Add.  


From the list, select on Add: Basic (and reversed card) and click OK.  You can name the Note Type whatever you wish, but I suggest Basic Japanese Cards.