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Weekly Words no. 5: Eggs and Bunnies

Happy Good Friday, mina-san! I'm sure that (if you are someone who celebrates it) you are getting excited for Easter! I am too!

My boyfriend and I are heading to be with my two sisters for this weekend. On Tuesday, I'll be back home hosting an Easter Egg Hunt for my friends!

I got the idea to host the hunt after realizing that some of my Japanese friends on my college campus have never celebrated Easter before! I'm lucky to live off-campus in a house with a huge yard. There'll be so many good hiding spots!

This week's words are on the easier-side, since I was just told one of my newest readers is just starting their language learning adventure! ようこそ! Welcome new reader!


• 兎 Rabbit, Hare, Bunny Written in hiragana as うさぎ

ex. やさしいは月に住んでいる。

Yasashi usagi wa tsuki ni sunde iru.

A kind rabbit lives on the moon.

• 卵 Egg Written in hiragana as たまご and occasionally written with the kanji 玉子

ex. イースターの時、子供はをパステルカラーで彩る。 I-suta- no toki, kodomo wa tamago wo pasuterukara- de irodoru.

At Easter time, children paint eggs in pastel colors.

• ひよこ Chick Written in kanji as 雛

ex. あのめんどりはこのひよこの母だ。 Ano mendori wa kono hiyoko no haha da.

The hen over there is this chick's mother.

• 跳ぶ To Hop, Bounce, Jump Written in hiragana as とぶ

ex. 皆さん、兎みたいに跳びましょう

Mina-san, usagi mitai ni tobimashyou!

Everyone, let's hop like bunny rabbits!

• ピョンピョン Bouncing Sound, "Boing-Boing"

ex. 跳ぶの子供は大きい声で「ピョンピョン」と言いました。 Tobu no kodomo wa ookii koe de "pyon pyon" to iimashita.

The bouncing children said "boing-boing" loudly.


How do you celebrate spring? Please share in the comments!

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