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"Always Rising to a New Challenge."

In late July of 2016, I found myself at the end of one of the most incredible experiences of my life. My time in Japan as a student with the Experiment in International Living was coming to a close.

My very first thought as my plane back to the states was "I gotta find my way back here!"

Well, I'm happy to report that this Friday I'll be back in the air on my way back to Japan! Why, you may ask?

Back in January, I was asking the powers that be what my options were for further study of the Japanese language while I work on my bachelor's at Castleton University (currently Castleton does not offer Japanese courses). Lo and behold, Castleton has formed a partnership with Doshisha Women's College of Liberal Arts in Kyoto, Japan! So far, they have sent two groups of students over to Castleton - both of which I've had the honor of becoming acquainted with. I will be the first student to be sent from Castleton to Doshisha!

Am I nervous? Maybe, just a little. Mostly about the pressure of being a representative - the first and so far only representative - for Castleton and for Vermont. I have to do my absolute best!

At DWCLA, there's a the motto "Always Rising to a New Challenge." That's just what I'll do!

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