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Safe and Sound at my Host Home!

This one will be brief, I just wanted everyone to know I got to my new home safely! I survived over 20 total hours of air travel - and let me tell you - I am so glad to be back on the ground!

Some quick highlights from my travels:

  • Amoung the in-flight movie options, I found one to be quite interesting. Now imagine the stereotypical cheesy-ness of Japanese TV, plus the exact same plot-points of a famous Adam Sandler movie, plus a hysterically bad impression of "Pen Pineapple Apple Pen," and you got the made-for-TV movie "50 First Kisses." It was pretty bad, but I am so glad it exists!

  • I met up with the woman from DWCLA who I have been in correspondence with. She's incredibly nice!

  • I found the nearest コンビニ (konbini, convenience store) and stocked up on some of my favorite snacks. For drinks, I got Milk Tea and some Chelate-Lemon to help alleviate travel-related stomach issues and boost my immune system. The pack of chocolate biscuits I purchased will be gone within a week I bet.

  • I boarded the train to my Host Family's home at around sunset. I was lucky enough to sit on the East side and watch. The brilliance of the sky's colors was the warmest welcome I could ever hope for.

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