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The Kamo River

The past few days, it's been pretty rainy and a little chilly. This afternoon, the weather was gorgeous! So naturally I needed to take a little detour on the way home from class.

About two bus stops away from campus, there is a fork in the Kamogawa (Kamo River). Along the banks of the river there is a park. I ride the bus going on one of the several bridges running over the park and river each day, and I look out the window at all the people enjoying nature - wondering when I'd be one of them. Well, today was the day! Take a look:

There are large stepping stones visitors use to cross. Some of them are shaped like turtles and stingrays. I found myself sitting on one of these friendly stone creatures as I watched the water run past.

I told one of my professors that I planned on coming here today. He told me how he's seen a few tanuki (raccoon dogs) by the river. I'm jealous! I wish I had seen one! But, at least I did see this little friend. My Japanese friend living back in the states tells me it is a sagi. Isn't she beautiful?

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