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Last Goodbye to an Old Friend

Allow me to introduce you to my good friend, Seamore. He’s that little seal sitting on the windowsill with the piercing blue eyes. This morning I gave him my last goodbye for a long while.

We met Seamore a couple years back while on a grueling road trip. My loving boyfriend and I were driving to my home in Vermont from his home in Boston.

Now that doesn’t sound like that bad of a trip. Anyone familiar with New England knows the journey takes about three hours and change. I, however, had to do in in five hours. I was still a new driver - and one who learned on empty dirt roads at that. There was no way I’d drive on highways when the backroads were an option.

I also am the kind of woman who doesn’t like to stop. If I start a job I want it done ASAP. So unless my tank is empty, I never make pit stops.

My poor boyfriend, on the other hand, had a hard time handling my travel style. He would have taken the wheel and put us on the highway, but he didn’t have his license at the time. Giving into his pleas for a break from the road, I took a detour to a certain pair of Golden Arches.

Upon walking into the restaurant, he noticed the display for the kid’s meals. A collection of cheaply sewn-together animals. He points, “see that, I’ll get you one.”

I protested - it was silly to spend money on a trifle like that. Of course, I knew it would do no good. When he had his heart set on treating me, he couldn’t be stopped. And, that’s how Seamore came into our lives - in his little plastic packaging. For whatever reason, having our little seal buddy sitting in the cup holder made the remaining two hours of driving more manageable, more comfortable.

Now he’s become part of my daily ritual. He gets two pats on the head with my two fingers on my way out the door each morning. He brings good luck for a safe and enjoyable trip. I do the same two pats when I return as a show of thanks for his protection through the day. You see, Seamore helps us to see more of the world!

I considered having him come with me to Kyoto, but I decided that his magic comes from knowing he’s waiting for me to return. Instead, I’ve decided to bring my little Dōmo-kun in his CU jersey. He’ll make a fine travel buddy, don’t you think?

I’ll be spending the night in Boston. I fly out bright-eyed and bushy tailed before dawn tomorrow. Wish me luck!

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